That’s me! With my favorite thing ever, coffee!

Hi! My name is Melina, I’m a simple girl living in Southern California with a passion for travel and coffee. I manage a licensed Starbucks kiosk and am a certified coffee master. I’ve spent 12 years working at Starbucks and every year my love and knowledge for coffee grows. I’ve always loved traveling but I think it became an obsession when my friends and I took a weekend trip to San Francisco in 2012. Ever since then I spend most of my free time researching new destinations and planning new trips (researching to me is just as fun as the trip itself)

With Coffee & Fernweh (fernweh means wanderlust in German) I’ll be sharing my travel and coffee adventures with you. I’ll share my day to day adventures and give you important transportation information and tips as well.  I’ll also review the restaurants and numerous coffee shops I visit during my travels. I also like to collect tattoos when I travel, so if this happens I’ll review that experience as well.  I hope you find coffeefernweh helpful in your own adventures.

Thanks for stopping by!