My Favorite Coffee Shops Across Southern California

It’s safe to say coffee, and I are in a committed relationship. We have been for some years now. I drink coffee daily, sometimes multiple times a day, I have a problem, I know. I’ve visited numerous coffee shops across the US, and I’m pretty confident in my coffee tasting abilities. In this post, I’ll be sharing my all-time favorite coffee shops across Southern California. So, grab a cup of Joe, and let’s get to it!


It has two locations, one in Chino Hills and the other is in Fullerton. I’ve been to both sites and can say both have a cozy, vintage, but modern, hipster vibe to them. The menu is the basics with some of their signature drinks (try the submarine shake.) They offer four or five varieties of regular drip coffee, which they brew in front of you in a V60 Pour Over. They carry single-origin coffees and blends from a variety of countries. Dripp also has a wide selection of pastries, which have recently been revamped. Dripp also offers a few alternative milk options.

What to get: Soy Mocha

Why I love it: Hot or Iced, Dripp’s mocha is perfect. I’m not sure what type of mocha they use but, It’s not too sweet and not too bitter. The espresso didn’t overpower the taste of the chocolate. They aerate the milk to perfection & they top the hot version with dark chocolate curls.

Enchanted Coffee Bar

Located in La Mirada, this coffee shop is on my constant rotation. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The only real downside to this coffee shop is the parking situation. Enchanted is located in a small shopping center off of Beach Blvd., the main attraction in this shopping center is the gym, so the parking lot gets crowded fast. Enchanted proudly serves some of my favorite Portland roasters; Heart Roasters, Copa Vida, and Forty-Ninth Parallel. I’ve made my way through the menu. Having tried the: Mocha, Single Origin ‘Kyoto’ Style Cold Brew, Cold Brew Latte, and The Alchemy Shake. The pastry selection is limited, but the Chocolate Chip Cookie and Chocolate Scone are to die for!

What to get: Kyoto Style Cold Brew or The Alchemy Shake

Why I love it: The Single Origin ‘Kyoto’ Style Cold Brew is made in Kyoto Towers, which is a slow drip system, it’s a ten-hour brewing process with this method, but the result is pretty amazing. They used Heart Roasters Guatemala Rosma coffee which is from Huehuetenango. It’s a mix of bourbon, caturra, and typica beans with caramel, cacao nib, cloudberry, and persimmon notes. It is a fully washed coffee so it did have that nice acidic tang to it but it was smooth, well balanced. The Alchemy Shake is creamy vanilla ice cream, with a double shot of espresso and to add even more caffeine they throw in crushed coffee beans, just for an extra kick.

Corner Place

Located in Whittier, Corner Place is 10 minutes from my house and is my go-to coffee shop. Their coffee menu isn’t huge, as they also serve boba, other specialty teas, fresh smoothies, milkshakes, and frappe blended drinks. I’ve had almost all of the espresso drinks that they do offer. The pastry selection consists of freshly made croissants, cookies, and a few muffins. They used to sell a guava cheese strudel that was my favorite, but I haven’t seen it for a while. My new go-to pastry item is the chocolate muffin. The staff is friendly and helpful. Brianna is my favorite barista. Corner Place also offers seasonal drinks and alternative milk options, as well.

What to get: Iced Soy White Mocha and a chocolate muffin

Why I love it: All of their espresso drinks are fantastic and expertly made, but I tend to get the white mocha the most. I’m usually a little cautious getting white mocha because it’s generally sweeter than a regular mocha, and I don’t like overly sweet coffee. This white mocha was surprisingly perfect. The best part, they use coffee ice cubes!

La Monarca Bakery

There are numerous locations throughout SoCal, but the one I go to is in Historic Uptown Whittier. All of their products are made with all-natural fresh ingredients, without the use of lard, frying, or artificial preservatives, which is a massive plus for this vegetarian. They offer your typical coffee shop drinks as well as my favorite section, the specialty coffees. I’ve tried a few different drinks and a ton of their pastries. The La Monarca location in Uptown is close to where I get my nails done, so they are on my constant rotation as well.

What to get: The Blended Mexican Hot Chocolate and some pastries

Why I love it: Made with organic cacao, brown sugar, and cinnamon and delicious! You can’t go wrong with any of the pastries, so get a few to try, and some more to take home.


Philz has fifty-four locations across the US, with four more openings soon. The majority of the coffee shops are in California. They also have stores in Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Philz isn’t your typical coffee shop. You won’t find any espresso machines or coffee brewers here. Yep, you read that right. What Philz does is innovative & brilliant; all of their coffee is made using a pour-over method.

Philz serves twenty different customized blends of coffee, brewed one cup at a time. So each cup is freshly made and customized to every customer’s unique taste and needs. Philz only uses high-quality beans from around the world. Each blend uses anywhere from two to seven different types of beans!

They have a wide variety of food options as well. You can go handmade, avocado toast, avocado energy bowl, and breakfast burritos. Philz also offers a large selection of pastries.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to Philz as often as I would like, as the closest location to me is in Fullerton, down the street from the college.

What to get: vegan chocolate doughnut & an iced mocha Tesora-lightly sweetened

Why I love it: Vegan Chocolate doughnut, If I hadn’t seen the sign with my own eyes, I would never believe this doughnut is Vegan! It was moist, chocolatey, and delicious! I didn’t miss any of the dairy typically used to make a doughnut. The Iced Mocha Tesora was good! Even with it being lightly sweetened, you can taste the dark chocolate; it has subtle notes of caramel and cocoa to it as well. Since they brew each cup hot and add the ice, it was still slightly warm, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker.


Intelligentsia is one of my favorite coffee shops based in Chicago. Lucky for me, they have three stores in California. Unlucky for me, the closest location is Pasadena, so I don’t get there as often as I’d like. Intelligentsia introduced the concept of Direct Coffee Trade practices to the coffee industry; they have also joined the refuse the straw movement and have removed all single-use plastic straws from their coffee bars. The Pasadena location has an industrial hipster vibe to it, and it can become quite busy. There is plenty of space if you want to sit and get some work done, though.

What to get: iced mocha

Why I love it: just the way I like it, not overly sweet, the espresso was strong and well balanced and played nicely with the mocha. Perfect for those hot LA summers

Blue Bottle

They were founded in the early 2000s in Oakland, California. Since then, they have grown tremendously with numerous locations across the US, including The Bay Area, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and they even have stores in Tokyo and Kyoto. Blue Bottle has thirteen locations in LA alone! I visited the Bradbury Building location. I love the open, airy feeling of this location.

The Bradbury location is home to Blue Bottle’s first library, where guests can buy books or borrow a book to read while they sit and enjoy their coffee. If a book is purchased, the profits go to the nearby Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

The menu is simple but looked great. I had a hard time deciding on a drink. They also offer pastries, plus breakfast and lunch items as well.

What to get: New Orleans Float and a chocolate chip cookie.

Why I love it: NOLA iced coffee and ice cream, the ice cream was rich, creamy and full of vanilla flavor, what sets this float apart from others is the NOLA iced coffee, which is infused with bold chicory root flavor. The chocolate chip cookie was delicious! It tasted like it was fresh out of the oven, it was soft, chewy, and full of chocolate chips, the best part, though was the sea salt on top.

So, there you have it! My favorite coffee shops across Southern California. There are so many coffee shops I still need to visit. A year from now, this list could be very different. What is your go-to Southern California coffee shop? What shops do I need to attend? Let me know in the comments. Mahalo for reading!



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