Why I Became a Vegetarian

If you’ve been following my blog, read any of my restaurant posts, or know me in real life, you know I loved meat. Anytime we went to Maui I needed a loco moco or my time on the island wasn’t complete. I never turned down bacon or sausage at breakfast, or pepperoni on my pizza. So why the sudden change? Read on to find out why I became a vegetarian.

Over the last three or four years, I’ve found myself wanting to eat less meat. It started with cutting back on red meat, but then I got sick of chicken and went back to eating more red meat. It got to the point where I was grossed out watching my mom prep and clean chicken breast or the turkey at Thanksgiving. Nothing made my stomach turn more than taking a bite of chicken to find a vein still there. That was the moment I cut chicken out of my diet completely.

Since I wasn’t eating chicken anymore, I was eating more ground beef and steak, with the occasional pork chop. Eventually, it got to the point where I was only eating meat when I felt like it, which wasn’t often. 

The end of 2018, I made the decision to become a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian ( I still eat eggs, ovo, and I still consume most dairy, lacto). I was doing really well too! That is until my friend, and I went to O’ahu in February of this year. I honestly went into that trip wanting to continue being a vegetarian, but that quickly came to an end when I saw carne asada tacos that looked too good not to try. 

The day we got back from O’ahu I recommitted to being a vegetarian, I didn’t want to be unhealthy, just eat junk food kind of vegetarian though. I did some research and found alternatives to ensure I’m getting enough fiber and protein in my daily diet. I do track my calories, along with my macros, I do some form of workout in the Tone It Up App 5 days a week, and I drink half my body weight in water a day. I’ve been trying in incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet without being concerned with the number of carbs they contain. My sister is also an excellent resource to have since she’s been a vegetarian for 20 plus years.

I wish I could say I decided to stop eating meat for this really great ethical reason, and that is apart of the reason. But, I mainly chose to stop consuming meat because I got grossed out by the smell, taste, and texture of it. I got older, and my tastes have changed.

I’ve now been a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian for 5 months (when this post comes out), and I couldn’t be happier. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I keep chugging along. I even made it through a trip to my second home, Maui without a slip! Although I really wanted a loco moco, if anyone knows how to make that vegetarian, please reach out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little bit more about me. If you have any vegetarian restaurant recommendations, recipes, or tips, please feel free to reach out in the comments, or you can email me. Mahalo for reading!



  1. I really love the authenticity and honesty of your article. It actually captures the struggles of moving from a omnivorous diet to a vegetarian lifestyle. I also like that you explain, “I didn’t want to be unhealthy, just eat junk food kind of vegetarian though.” That is so important whenever you transition from one diet to another. If you are looking for simple vegetarian recipes, feel free to check out my website! Lots of love and good luck in your journey!

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