Finding the perfect everyday shoe that is also comfortable to wear during long days of walking a new city, was a struggle for me. I don’t like wearing athletic shoes, I quickly grew out of my converse and vans stage, sandals are a staple in Southern California but aren’t practical for other cities. I had worked my way through numerous pairs of Steve Madden ballet flats and became tired of wasting my money on cheaply made shoes.

I kept seeing ads on Pinterest for Tieks, like a lot of ads, I finally took that as a sign to check them out. I was immediately intrigued until I saw the price tag. A pair of Tieks will cost you anywhere from $175-$295, it was a tough decision to shell out that kind of cash but, in 2016 I finally made the decision to buy a pair, and I have to say, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Tieks are not only stylish, they are made from the finest Italian leathers, and comfortable but they are foldable! That was a major selling point for me. They are incredibly flexible, this is because they feature a unique split-sole and flexible midsole, which is what allows the shoe to fold in half to fit into your purse. Tieks also features two signature Tiek Blue thick non-skid rubber patches on the bottom of the shoe to help with traction and shock absorption. Tieks took the time to think of everything when it comes to comfort, they are made to stretch, and the back is cushioned instead of having elastic, so they are never too tight, and the back of your heel stays blister free. The more you wear them, the more they mold to your foot and the more comfortable they become.


Tieks has over 60 prints, a wide range of patents, 23 different colors in their Classic collection, and they recently came out with a Vegan collection and a girls collection. The Vegan collection still has everything you love about Tieks, except the leather. This collection is made from fabric or wool and is definitely going to be my next purchase.


Like I said earlier, I bought my first pair of Tieks in 2016, as a birthday present to myself. I wanted a neutral color since I was spending a decent amount of money on them, I wanted something that would go with everything, so I went with the Matte Black. When I first got them I was a little skeptical at; first, they were a bit tight, and I wasn’t sure if I purchased the right size. I wore them around the house for a while and decided to wear them outside finally. After a few days, they loosened up, and they quickly became my favorite pair of shoes. I wear them all the time, they are my go-to shoe. They have gone with me on numerous Hawaiian vacations, they are all I wore in Seattle and Chicago. I wear them so much, the stitching on the inside is starting to come apart. I recently got a second pair of Tieks in California Navy. They look black until you step into direct sunlight then you can see the Navy. They are still neutral enough but can add a pop of color to any outfit.


If you wear a full shoe size, that is your Tieks size. However, if you are a half size you can either size up or down. Tieks suggests sizing down unless you have a wide foot. They also recommend trying your shoes on at home and if they don’t feel comfortable to exchange them. If you’re unsure about the fit you can contact Tieks for advice. 

If for whatever reason you need to exchange or return your shoes, it’s important to know that they only accept unworn shoes, which is why they recommend you try them out in your house first. 


I love my Tieks, I feel like they are well worth the price tag, they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. When I travel, I walk everywhere! These shoes have never given me blisters, made my feet hurt or made me wish I could take them off. I love the fact that they fold to save space in your luggage. They even come with a travel pouch to store them in, so you can fold them up, put them in the bag and throw it in your purse. While I can’t afford to buy every color I want, I do want to save up for a couple more colors.

Do you own Tieks? If so, what do you love about them and what color(s) do you own? If you don’t have Tieks, would you consider buying a pair now? Let me know in the comments below. Mahalo for reading!



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