How I Prepare for a Trip

Preparing for a trip, whether it be planning out whatever details you like to be ready with before your trip starts, packing, or preparing yourself it can be time-consuming. Preparing for a trip, for me, is just as much fun as the trip itself. In this post, I’ll cover how exactly I get ready for any trip.


I’m the type of traveler that needs some sort of plan. My plan isn’t set in stone but I at least like to have some kind of idea of where to eat, what coffee shops to visit, and some sort of sights or attractions to see. To find this information I go to three places:

Lonely Planet

If you search for a destination on Lonely Planet, you can get a lot of valuable information. On the main page, you will get a description of the destination, you’ll see a list of top experiences and top sights as well. If you want to get more in-depth information, click the different links at the top. My favorite section is “In Detail.” Here you’ll find practical information, like how to get around, and health information. You can also find etiquette, history, some basic stats, planning tools, and safety information.


I get most of my day-to-day information from Pinterest. As we all know, bloggers have a wealth of knowledge, so it makes sense to search Pinterest for restaurants, coffee shops, and even attractions. I’ve found some fantastic coffee shops thanks to other blogger’s posts on coffee shops in (insert destination here).

Airport Website

I usually check out the website for the airport I’m flying into. I like to have a general idea of the layout if I’ve never flown into the airport before. It also gives me an idea of what restaurants are there and where they are located for a more extended layover, and I like to check out the public transportation situation.


Packing (+ To Do) App

Because I love a good list, I do make a packing list, so I don’t forget the big stuff. I use the Packing (+ To Do) App, I got the free version, and it works perfectly. I’ve been using it for the last eight years for all of my vacations, and I haven’t forgotten anything, yet. The app is pretty simple to use, you can create a list from scratch or use a pre-made templet and adjust it to your needs. If you can’t find something in the sections, you can add items manually.



I always like to make sure I have freshly dyed hair and a haircut before my vacations, so I’m Instagram ready for pictures. Gary is the only person who has cut my hair, ever. He is the only person I trust with my hair needs. You can find Gary at the Curling Iron in Chino Hills, CA.


My day job has me on my feet Monday-Friday for the majority of my 40 hour week, so there is nothing I need more before a vacation than a relaxing pedicure. Since I get my pedicure at the same salon as I get my hair done, I try to schedule both appointments for the same day.


I get my gel manicure done closer to home at Cielo Nail Bar in Uptown Whittier. Emily is fantastic, it doesn’t matter what design I throw at her, she makes it perfect every time. If Emily doesn’t have availability, don’t worry! All of the manicurists here are amazing and will take care of your nail needs.


Preparing for a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I try to start at least a month and a half before my flight and spread it out, so I don’t get anxiety over it. I usually do all the “me” prep last, so my hair, pedicure, and nails are fresh and social media ready. 

How do you prepare for a vacation? Do you like to wing it or are you a planner? Any apps you use that I need in my life? Let me know in the comments. Mahalo for reading!



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