Philz Coffee has forty-six locations across the US, with the majority of them in California. They also have three stores in Washington DC and one coming soon to Arlington, VA. I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures online of Philz Mint Mojito, which I’m guessing is the drink they are most famous for. I’m not a fan of mint so I wanted to go a different route, so I found the closest location to me and headed out for a coffee adventure!

Why Philz is different

You won’t find any lattes or cappuccinos here! Philz serves twenty different customized blends of coffee, brewed one cup at a time. So each cup is freshly made and customized to every customer’s unique taste and needs. Philz only uses high-quality beans from around the world. Each blend uses anywhere from two to seven different types of beans! How cool is that? All of their beans are roasted at their plant in Oakland, CA. They also offer single origin blends and seasonal blends as well. 

Location I visited

The closest location to me, unfortunately, is the Fullerton store. I say unfortunately because it is down the street from Cal State Fullerton. I knew I had to get there early and on a weekend to hopefully avoid a line and a busy store full of college kids. I was successful, for the most part. When I arrived all the tables were taken but there were only two people in line ahead of me. The decor is simple, the main focus for me was their long coffee bar that has a wood looking grey and white almost chevron print to it. They have a few tables as soon as you walk in and a long table on the left side along with a comfy couch seating area.

What I got

I didn’t have to wait long which was nice. When a barista was available for me, I headed over and ordered my drink, I got an Iced Mocha Tesora, the barista asked me how sweet I wanted it, we settled on lightly sweetened and we went with some cream as well. After you order your coffee you head over to the cashier, where you can also order food if so desired. They have a wide variety of food options. You can go handmade; avocado toast, avocado energy bowl, etc., they have breakfast burritos as well as a large selection of pastries. I went with the Vegan Chocolate doughnut, which I ate while I was waiting for my expertly brewed coffee to be made. If I hadn’t seen the sign with my own eyes, I would never believe this doughnut is Vegan! It was moist, chocolatey, and delicious! I didn’t miss any of the dairy typically used to make a doughnut. The Iced Mocha Tesora was really good! Even with it being lightly sweetened you can taste the dark chocolate, it has subtle notes of caramel and cocoa to it as well. Since they brew each cup hot and add the ice it was still slightly warm but it wasn’t a deal breaker. 

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait to explore more of their menu and different locations. I don’t know if I would come back to the Fullerton location, don’t get me wrong it’s a nice location and the baristas were friendly and helpful but with it being so close to the college, I see it being busy often.

Have you been to Philz Coffee? What drink do you get? Let me know in the comments below!

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