Kind Heart Metal Collab

As you could probably figure out from the name of this post, I have partnered with Kind Heart Metal to release Coffee & Fernweh hand stamped items plus a super cute travel cuff.  I’m incredibly excited to work with Christina. I hope you love these items as much as we do. Before I get into the details of this collaboration, let me introduce you to Kind Heart Metal and Christina.

A little About Kind Heart Metal

Kind Heart Metal produces quality hand stamped custom jewelry. Christina recently added beautiful beaded bracelet sets to the shop as well. Kind Heart Metal has been making customers happy on Etsy since 2017. I have personally purchased from Christina and can tell you she makes custom orders easy with her outstanding customer service and fast response and shipping time. 

How I Found Kind Heart Metal

Christina and I met a couple years ago. She works at the same coffee shop I use to work at, we met while I was visiting some old co-workers/friends. Christina quickly became one of my favorite baristas. When I found out she was starting Kind Heart Metal, I starting following her on Etsy and Instagram and couldn’t wait to make some purchases!

What Does Coffee & Fernweh Mean?

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! If you’ve been following me for a while, I apologize for explaining this yet again. I started C&F a little over a year ago, I blog about my two favorite things in this world, coffee, and travel. I didn’t want the travel part of my blog name to be something everyone else was using so I went with “fernweh.” Fernweh is a German word, and in English, it translates to “wanderlust” so my blog name is really Coffee & Wanderlust. Make a little bit more sense now?

Collaboration Time

I was so excited when I saw Christina’s DM on Instagram and jumped at the chance to work with her! We decided to make a Coffee & Fernweh silver bar necklace, a Coffee & Fernweh tassel keychain-which will be available in a few different colors, and a super cute travel cuff. When you make your purchase, notice how I said when not if, please include referral code: COFFEE & FERNWEH in the NOTES section when you go to check out. Christina and I will be using that referral code to track purchases and will use it to ultimately decide if these items will be staying on her Etsy shop. All items will be available for sale today, Thursday 11/8/18

Christina and I really do hope you love these items as much as we do. After you receive your items make sure to tag us on Instagram! We would like to see you rocking your new jewelry! Thank you in advance for supporting two fantastic brands, we look forward to seeing your pictures soon!

Follow Kind Heart Metal Everywhere!

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