Cheat Day Land

Have you heard about the newest pop-up museum in Downtown LA’s Arts District? It’s called Cheat Day Land and it’s so much fun! This post will be mainly pictures but before we get to those, here are all the important details you need about Cheat Day Land.

What is Cheat Day Land?

This pop-up is dedicated to your guilty obsession, your cheat day and all of the delicious foods we associate with a “cheat day”. There are seventeen immersive rooms for you to enjoy. Each room has a different Cheat Day food theme.

How it Works

Show up fifteen minutes before your timed ticket. Example if your ticket says 2:30pm, you need to arrive at 2:15pm. Once everyone with the same timed ticket arrives the tour will begin. Your tour guide will give you important information about how the tour will go, which rooms you can be in for the time being so there aren’t too many people in the same room getting in the way of your pictures, and your guide is also your personal photographer. There are parts of the interactive rooms that require your shoes to come off, if you want to enjoy that part of the room.

The Important Details

Cheat Day is located in the heart of the Arts District in DTLA at 2018 E 7th Street, LA.

Parking is located across the street at 1932 E 7th St and costs $6. 

Cheat Day will be about an hour and fifteen minutes long to get your entire group through each room with plenty of time to get any and all pictures.

Tickets will cost $38 per person

Cheat Day is only here for the month of October so don’t wait to get your tickets!

Update 4/28/19 Cheat Day Land is now at the Irvine Spectrum! For the rest of the month!

Okay enough chit-chat on to the pictures!

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