Close Knit Co + Coffee & Fernweh Collaboration

I couldn’t be more excited to write this post. As the name of the post suggests, I have partnered with Close Knit Co. to release Coffee & Fernweh shirts. Before I go into the details of the shirts allow me to introduce you to Close Knit Co.

A little about Close Knit Co.

Close Knit Co. has been on Etsy since 2016. Dan & Natalie are the talented (engaged) couple behind the brand. Dan does the screen printing while Natalie takes care of all the photography and the social media aspect of the company and of course I can’t forget Lola their adorable dog who they refer to as the “Funky Fresh Boss.” Dan and Natalie (and Lola) are based in sunny Miami, Florida. When you scroll through their Etsy shop or their instagram account you immediately get a feel for who they are. They have a love for travel, dogs, adult beverages, coffee and football. They created Close Knit Co to break out of their comfort zones, now they get to do something that they truly enjoy and makes them happy.  Which is something I can definitely relate to.

How I found them

I have partnered with Close Knit Co. to create a coffee & fernweh design that will be available on a muscle tank, tee and men's tank starting 9/17/18I came across Close Knit Co. as I was scrolling through Etsy looking for a travel tank. I found their “Let’s Travel” tank. I immediately fell in love with the design and the shop. Each one of their items is screen printed by hand using non toxic water based inks to ensure the quality prints last a lifetime! Yep, no cracking or peeling unlike other shirts I’ve purchased. Dan screen prints each shirt as they are ordered, so it takes 5-7 days to print and ship each order.

Why Coffee & Fernweh?

After I received my “Let’s Travel” tank I reached out and asked if they could create a similar design but using my blog name. Within a couple days they had a design ready (which I loved instantly) and within a week I had my custom Coffee & Fernweh tank! I’ve worn my tank numerous times and have received so many compliments on it. The biggest question I’ve gotten about my tank is “what does fernweh mean?” Fernweh is a German word which translates to wanderlust. So my blog name is really Coffee & Wanderlust, which is why I write about coffee and travel. Make sense now?

Collaboration Time

I reached out to Natalie and Dan with a far fetched idea of a collaboration. I’m incredibly grateful they are taking the time to partner with me. The Coffee & Fernweh design will be available on the muscle tank in: black/white/mauve. The tees will be available in: white/grey/mauve/black and the Men’s tank will be available in: navy. The shirts will be available for purchase starting today, Monday 9/17/18. Support two great brands and buy one or two, of each 😉

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I have partnered with Close Knit Co. to create a coffee & fernweh design that will be available on a muscle tank, tee and men's tank starting 9/17/18

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