Lift Coffee Roasters

lift coffeeLift Coffee Roasters has four locations, three in Riverside and one in Whittier CA. I have been to the Whittier location a couple times, it’s located on Greenleaf Avenue in Uptown Whittier. I was very excited to try out this coffee shop, partly because it’s ten minutes away from my home lol.

The Whittier location has an airplane theme and let me tell you its super cute! They have airplane parts around the shop for decoration and the counter top on the espresso bar is made from what looks like metal from an airplane.

The menu is just your basic drinks, I thought it was a little strange I didn’t see a mocha of any kind. Besides coffee this location also serves smoothies. The pastry selection wasn’t very large but what they did have looked good.

My first time here I was in a rush so I got an iced latte and a Nutella pop tart to go. The latte was shaken in a martini shaker with crushed iced. This is the first time i’ve seen this done and I really enjoyed it. It was well balanced and had a good espresso taste. The Nutella pop tart had a flaky pie crust with a Nutella filling, it could have used more filling but that is really my only complaint. The crust was delicious.

baklavaMy second time here I had more time to sit and enjoy my coffee. I asked the barista behind the counter if he could make me a mocha since I didn’t see it on the menu and he did! I also got a piece of “warmed” baklava. My mocha was really good! I could taste more espresso than mocha which I enjoy, the espresso wasn’t bitter. My whole milk was steamed perfectly, it had beautiful micro foam, it was velvety and creamy, the latte art was beautiful as well. The baklava looked delicious, unfortunately after a few bites I was let down and didn’t finish it. The first bite was full of wonderful cinnamon, after that it was salty and buttery, not the good buttery more like greasy, not to mention COLD.

The staff I’ve encountered have been friendly and helpful. They have plenty of seating and a small retail section. I can see this place getting very busy in the mornings and on weekends. I’m excited to spend more time here and explore more of the menu. Even though I wasn’t impressed with the baklava I’ll for sure be back. Have you been to Lift Coffee Roasters? If so, what is your favorite drink to get?

lift coffee roasters



    1. I haven’t yet. Still making my way through LA & OC. I would love that!!!! I’ll let you know when I start working through Riverside coffee shops


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