City Winery Igloos-Chicago

City Winery Chicago Igloo


City Winery has six locations across the US: New York, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston and Washington DC. They combine a fully functioning winery with intimate concerts, they also offer food and wine classes, they hold numerous private events and specialize in upscale American food.

img_5188City Winery Chicago is located in a prime spot, on the Chicago Riverwalk. In the summer they have outside patio seating or you can go inside. We tried to do a wine tasting in July a few years ago but the patio was so busy we kept on walking. This time we were determined to experience everything City Winery has to offer. To our surprise they had these cute little igloos set up outside. Naturally, we were curious about them and had to find out more.

The first time we attempted to get one of these igloos we were told they are by reservation but they would check to see if they had an opening, they did! However, the only igloo they had available, had a broken zipper on the front and they didn’t want to risk it getting too cold inside, which we understood, since it was only 33 degrees outside.

We tried making a reservation on opentable but couldn’t find the igloo, only table reservations. We decided to chance it again on my birthday and to our surprise they had an opening!

Some key points on the igloos before we get into the good stuff. It is $25 per person for the reservation and each person needs to spend $60, you get the igloo for two and a half hours so spending the money in that time frame is easy to do. Lastly, they are only available from October to May.

Now the fun stuff! The igloo has a heater inside, it has a table in the middle with seating all around, and a game table! You get brand new thermal socks when you walk in to make sure you are warm and comfortable. Osiris was our waiter for the 2 1/2 hours and he was FANTASTIC! He was so friendly, attentive and was just a great person to talk to! He asked if there was a special occasion, since it was my birthday we told him, next thing we know he brought us each a glass of Naveran Brut to celebrate.

I started my spending with a beer. I got the Moody Tongue Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter, it’s a medium bodied vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon infused beer. It was delicious! It tasted just like a chocolate churro. Michelle and I split the imported burrata. Which is handmade burrata served with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil and toasted ciabatta bread. We also split the grilled cheese. It’s made with Wilmer’s 2 year aged cheddar, house-made apple butter and sun-dried tomato. Both were amazing but the grilled cheese was by far my favorite. We also got a carafe of CW RiverWalk rosé 2017 which is a Syrah Rosé from California. I only had one glass of the Rosé, only because I had two drinks sitting on the table and the rosé made three.


While we were working on round one, we played a few intense games of connect four. Round two, consisted of me getting a peachy palmer. Which is Bulleit bourbon, peach liqueur, peach nectar, black tea, lemon, ancho red liqueur garnished with a peach ring candy and mint. I was slightly disappointed my drink was missing the peach candy ring but I quickly got over it when I tasted the drink. It was amazing! It tasted just like the candy, which happened to be my favorite candy growing up. I also got the kale Caesar salad. This salad has Tuscan kale, breadcrumbs, quinoa, classic Caesar dressing, with shaved parmesan. It was one of the best Caesars I’ve ever had, and i’ve had my fair share. The quinoa is what set it apart from all the other Caesars i’ve had. When we were getting close to the end of our time in the igloo, Osiris brought us each another glass of the Naveran Brut and was nice enough to take a selfie with us.

img_5193Overall, this was a wonderful experience. If you are in Chicago October through mid May you need to experience this for yourself. I know if I’m ever back in Chicago during this time frame I’ll be doing it again.

Osiris, if you are reading this, thank you for being so kind, amazing and making my birthday extra special.

Have you been to any of the locations City Winery has? Will you try out the igloo? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. WHAT IS THIS?!?! I had no idea this existed and I’m so glad that I do now! I’m DEFINITELY saving this for my next trip to Chicago!!!! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again tomorrow! XO

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