Chicago Restaurants


Chicago is a foodies dream city, there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from. In this first post I’ll break down where we went to eat. So enough chit chat lets get right into it!


This place is so good we came here twice! The first time we came for lunch on a Wednesday and were seated right away. I got a long island iced tea, a caesar salad and an individual deep dish with fresh garlic and black olives. I love a good caesar salad and Giordano’s does not disappoint! It isn’t overdressed and they don’t skimp on the fresh parmesan. The long island was a little on the sweeter side but still good. The deep dish pizza was absolute perfection! It’s the perfect size, you can taste the garlic and olives in every bite and the crust! Oh the crust! Its buttery flakey perfection!

img_4901The second time we came, it was a Friday night around 6pm and the place was packed! We had an hour and fifteen minute wait. I will give Giordano’s credit though, they have a great system in place and they can turn over a table pretty quickly. This visit I got the fried mozzarella and the fettuccine alfredo. The fried mozzarella were delicious, I didn’t use any of the marina it came with though. My fettuccine was good, the sauce didn’t wow me but I still enjoyed it. It was a big portion too! If you’re going to attempt to come here on a weekend come early or be prepared to wait.

Address: 130 E. Randolph St., Chicago (location we visited, they have various locations)

Price: $

Wildberry Pancakes & cafe

Is my all time FAVORITE breakfast restaurant, we came here three times and my food was fantastic every single time! Our first visit, I got the homemade corned beef hash. It’s steamed ground corned beef mixed with Idaho potatoes, served with two eggs and your choice of either hash browns or fruit & toast or pancakes! I went with the hash browns and sourdough toast. It was amazing! It was so much food though, I did my best and finished like 90% of it. I also got a mocha coconut, which is made by the small intelligentsia kiosk that is in the restaurant. This mocha is my dream! It transports me to the islands for a little bit.

img_4903Round two and I went for the two eggs any style with your choice of meat (bacon, sausage, turkey sausage , etc.) this is also served with hash browns or fruit & toast or pancakes. I went hash browns again (they’re just so good) and wheat toast. This was still a good sized portion but it was more manageable. I also went with the mocha coconut again.

img_4977Round three and I went for the banana pecan Belgian waffles. These waffles were probably my favorite (so far) They have pecans baked into the batter and on top, the banana is just on top and on the plate and if that wasn’t good enough they dust the top with powdered sugar! This is another restaurant that gets BUSY so the earlier you get there, the better. I’ve never had a bad breakfast here and honestly I think it’s impossible.

Address: 130 E Randolph St., Chicago

Price: $$

Public House

I want to start off by saying they do not have a waitlist. You need to find your own table or spot at one of their three bars. They do take reservations and I HIGHLY recommend you make one. That being said this is a great sports bar, they have TVs everywhere. Its super loud and I would not recommend bringing kids here. Once we found a spot at the top bar, I got the multiple choice mac n’ cheese, you pick the ingredients that go in, they have a list of twelve options or you can choose to put all twelve in. I opted for just the caramelized onions. Its by far the BEST mac n’ cheese i’ve ever had. It was rich, super cheesy, creamy perfection. It was just the right sized portion as well. I also got the white sangria, which had white wine, apricot, orange, peach, red apple and grape. It came with actual diced peaches in the cup as well. It was quite flavorful and refreshing. I wasn’t going to order my next item, but I figured why not! I got the chocolate porter cake shake. It’s a boulder shake porter, chocolate ice cream topped with a slice of chocolate cake. I know what you’re thinking, over the top much? And yeah, it was obviously created to be IG worthy but it tasted amazing! The chocolate shake was really tasty, you can taste the porter but still got the chocolate ice cream. The cake on top wasn’t just decoration-it was rich, moist and the frosting wasn’t overly sweet. I would definitely come back to Public House the next time I’m in Chicago, with a reservation of course.

Address: 400 N State St., Chicago

Price: $$

Epic Burger

We stopped here on a whim, I wasn’t very hungry but wanted something to eat after we went wine tasting so I got my food to take back to the room. A couple important things to mention about Epic Burger, first they are cashless. The second thing is all their food is non processed, all natural, and is prepared without drugs, artificial colors, flavors, nitrates, phosphates, preservatives and numerous other additives. How cool is that! I got the grilled cheese with avocado, french fries and a chocolate shake (lol guess I was hungrier than I thought) The grilled cheese is made with aged cheddar, it was pretty good, the only downside was the avocado wasn’t completely ripe and still a little hard. The french fries were great, they are fresh cut with sea salt and they give you a lot. My chocolate shake was thick, creamy and chocolatey, everything you expect from a shake. They have eight locations, six of which are in downtown Chicago neighborhoods so find one and check it out!

Address: 407 Clark St., Chicago

Price: $

XOCO by Rick Bayless

On my birthday we ended up at City Winery, which I will have a separate post on later. We weren’t very hungry (and a little tipsy) so I ordered take out from XOCO, I just got the almost naked guacamole. It’s roasted garlic-tomatillo guacamole with tomatillo salsa, three-chili salsa and just made chips. It was the best guacamole I’ve ever had! The chips were super fresh and perfect. I wish we came here when we actually had an appetite, guess we’ll put it back on the list for the next trip.

Address: 449 N Clark St., Chicago

Price: $$

My next post will cover the spots we went to for drinks, coffee and the donut shops we went to. What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. OK, now I want to visit Chicago so that I can stuff my face at Public House. I mean, 12 choices of things to put in your mac n cheese? What even could they be? And how did you resist adding them all at once? #FlyAwayFriday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was a lot of meat options, jalapeños, mushrooms for the mac n cheese, I kept it simple this time. I can’t wait to go back though and add more things.


  2. When it comes to Chicago style pizza, I only go to Giordano’s. My husband travels out of town for work every few months and whenever he does, the kids and I order Giordano’s for pizza night. #FlyAwayFriday


  3. Giordano’s was SO GOOD! I’d LOVE to try out that waffle place too! It looks absolutely delicious and I’m a huge breakfast person 😀 I miss Chicago now! Can’t wait to go back soon! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you tomorrow for the 50th one – exciting things happening! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All that comfort food! I am so hungry and would love to eat all of that, but it doesn’t go well with Pilates hahaha! Hope to get to Chicago at some point! Thanks for coming to Fly Away Friday! Hope to see you tomorrow for our 50th link up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been to Chicago twice now, we keep saying we’re going to make it to Lou Malnati’s but never do! There’s so many amazing places to eat and not enough time!


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