Afternoon Tea: Langham Hotel Chicago


I’ve wanted to go to Afternoon Tea for quite a few years now. It seems like such a fun and sophisticated experience. We planned on Afternoon Tea in NYC so I was really hoping I could find somewhere in Chicago to get my tea on.


We walked past the Langham as a shortcut back to our hotel. When we got back to the room I looked up the hotel not knowing much about it and found they have an Afternoon Tea! I also learned The Langham has a long history with Afternoon Tea, since the original hotel is located in London. The traditional Afternoon Tea first made its debut at the Langham-London in 1865! Needless to say, we were in good hands.


Tonny was our server, he was incredibly helpful and attentive. He helped me decide on the Peach with flowers tea, which is a rounded, mellow black tea balanced with a sweet taste of peaches and finished with marigold flowers. As soon as the tea pot was brought to the table I could smell the sweet aroma of the peaches. It had a strong and delightful peach taste as well. My first cup I added a cube of turbinado sugar but it wasn’t really necessary, from my second cup on I just used a little cream.


The Sandwiches: a diver sea scallops, spring onion puree, gooseberry chutney, fennel, herb blossom. The second was an English Pea and tomato, fromage blanc, asparagus, morel mushrooms, pickled radish. The third was a spring lamb loin, carrot puree, pickled mustard seeds, grilled broccolini, marigolds. Lastly, we had a gorgonzola panna cotta, rhubarb preserves, port wine reduction, marcona almonds and frisee served with rosemary crackers. If you know me, you know I’m not a very adventurous eater, I like simple foods. Some of these sandwiches were a little out there for me but I tried almost everything ( I couldn’t bring myself to try the little lamb) My favorite was the English Pea and tomato. The panna cotta with rosemary crackers was good as well.

Fresh herb scone

The scones: We had two different scones, a lemon thyme scone and a fresh herb scone. They were served with blueberry jam, honey butter and Devonshire Cream. The lemon thyme scone was my favorite out of the two, in fact it was so good I didn’t even get a picture of it. Anything with lemon in it i’m generally a fan of. The fresh herb scone was okay, you could definitely taste the herbs. I really enjoyed the Devonshire cream, which is imported from London.


The Desserts: The first was a carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, white chocolate carrot top. The second, was a rosemary shortbread, ruby grapefruit icing with turbinado sugar. Next, was a violet macaron, black fruit jam and blackberry buttercream. Lastly, there was a raspberry rose entremet, vanilla cake and raspberry crisps. By the time the desserts rolled around I was getting full. I had the rosemary shortbread and the violet macaron. Both were delicious, I’m a sucker for both types of cookies so I was happy when I saw them come out. The shortbread was crumbly like a good shortbread should be, the grapefruit icing was a little on the sweet side but delicious. The macaron was heaven! I got more of the black fruit jam and sweet creamy blackberry buttercream than violet but I was okay with that. At this point I was too full to attempt to even try the carrot cake or the raspberry rose entremet but they looked beautiful!

I think my very first Afternoon Tea was a success! Have you been to Afternoon Tea? If so, where? Where are some places I need to go for Tea? Let me know in the comments below!

Address: 330 North Wabash Ave., Chicago

Price: $68 per person

  1. Wow! Everything looks divine! What a great experience. I also love afternoon tea and went to a fabulous one in Singapore. The building was in the shape of a teapot, tea and food wonderful. Enjoying your blog!!


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