Enchanted Coffee Bar


Formerly known as Ark Cafe, now under new management is called Enchanted Coffee Bar. It sits in a small shopping center off of Beach Blvd. This trendy cafe is a great place to meet up with friends or get some work done. The cafe has plenty of indoor seating as well a few tables outside. It’s simply decorated and the staff are helpful and friendly. They proudly serve Portland favorites; Heart Roasters, Copa Vida and Forty-Ninth Parallel.

img_3750They serve your basic coffee drinks, four different cold brew options, hot organic tea, two iced teas, and about ten non coffee options such as; green tea latte, chai latte and hot chocolate, plus a small pastry selection. They also have four specials: the Alchemy Shake, Adffogato, Duo Latte, and a Spanish Latte.

My first trip here I got a mocha and the Single Origin ‘Kyoto’ Style Cold Brew. The mocha was made with whole milk, which is the standard in most coffee shops, the milk was perfectly aerated and velvety with micro foam, it wasn’t overly sweet and you got perfectly balanced espresso first with hints of mocha. The Single Origin ‘Kyoto’ Style Cold Brew is made in Kyoto Towers which is a slow drip system, it’s a ten hour brewing process with this method but the end result is pretty amazing. They used Heart Roasters Guatemala Rosma coffee which is from Huehuetenango, it’s a mix of bourbon, caturra, and typica beans with caramel, cacao nib, cloudberry and persimmon notes. It is a fully washed coffee so it did have that nice acidic tang to it but it was smooth, well balanced. I tasted slight citrusy notes with a sweetness at the end. I really enjoyed both drinks and it wasn’t long before I came back a second trip.

My second trip here I got an Iced Mocha, the Alchemy Shake, and a chocolate scone. I have a coffee addiction, I know. The Alchemy Shake is creamy vanilla ice cream with a double shot of espresso and if that wasn’t good enough it also has crushed coffee beans in it! The crushed coffee beans gives this drink a little extra kick to it. The Iced Mocha is just as good as the hot version. The chocolate scone was surprisingly good! I’m not usually a fan of scones but I do love chocolate and this scone was filled with delicious chocolate flavor! I would definitely get it again.

The only downside to this wonderful coffee shop is the parking situation. I mentioned earlier that it is located in a shopping center but I failed to mention what was in it. The main attraction here is the gym and the Jack in the Box, there is also a dry cleaners, dentist, and some sort of martial arts place, along with some other businesses. This however is not the problem, the problem is the parking spaces closest to Enchanted Coffee Bar are marked for all of the other businesses so you’re forced to find parking by Jack in the Box or the gym which can be tricky depending on the time of day. Will I let this stop me from coming back to Enchanted Coffee Bar? Absolutely not!

Address: 13391 S Beach Blvd, Ste A, La Mirada

Price: $$

Have you been to Enchanted Coffee Bar? What was your favorite thing on the menu? If you live close by will you check Enchanted out now that you know about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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