Restaurants & Coffee: Maui Part 1


One of the things I love most about traveling is finding great restaurants and coffee shops. Even though Maui is like a second home to us, I’m always trying to find new places to try. Here are the restaurants and coffee shops we went to this trip, some old favorites and a couple new ones as well.

Lahaina Pizza Co.

An ALL TIME FAVORITE! We usually come here the first and last days of our trip. I’ve never had a bad meal here, the atmosphere is great and if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, you can look out onto Front Street, Lanai and the Lahaina Harbor. LPC is famous for their deep dish pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches. Our first night here we were starving since our plane from Kauai to Maui was delayed, so we got fried provolone to share, yeah you read that right FRIED PROVOLONE! It was so good! In my experience you can’t really go wrong deep frying a cheese and provolone happens to be one of my favorite, so I was in heaven. It came with a marinara sauce that my sister enjoyed plus pickled onions. My sister and I split a Caesar salad and the fettuccine Alfredo. I am a sucker for a great Caesar salad and this one does not disappoint! The fettuccine Alfredo has a rich creamy sauce and comes with two pieces of garlic bread. Our second trip here, my sister and I split a Caesar salad and we got a medium pizza, my sister suggested getting it with black olives and fresh garlic, so that’s what we got. LPC’s pizza is delicious! They don’t skimp on toppings either. You could taste the black olives and fresh garlic in every bite! My mouth is watering just thinking about this pizza. The Mai Tai here is pretty good but, i’ll cover that in another post.

Address: 730 Front St. Lahaina, HI

Hours: 11am-9:30pm

Price: $$

Ono Tacos

Is a cute little food truck that’s parked off of Honoapiilani Hwy. in a little strip mall. They’ve been opened since 2011 and it’s one of those places we’ve driven past numerous times and finally made time to stop and try it. They have a few tables if you want to eat there, we took ours to go. Their menu is small; tacos, burritos, quesadillas, torta, a couple combos and they have a hot dog. You have the option of; asada, chicken, shredded beef, cow’s tongue, fish, shrimp or veggie. I got the asada burrito, it was a fairly good size, I was hungry after a morning of whale watching so I ate the whole thing =O but I was super full after. It was pretty good, the meat was tender and flavorful, next time I’ll have them leave out the lettuce I didn’t feel like it was necessary. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the menu!

Address: 910 Honoapiilani Hwy Lahaina, HI

Hours: 11a-9pm, closed on Sunday

Price: $

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

Let me start by saying, Leoda’s can get line out the door BUSY! But, that is for good reason her food is great! Leoda’s is probably best known for her pies and I can tell you from experience they are GOOD! I’ve tried the macnut chocolate praline pie, that was rich and creamy, this time Ashley (my sister) and I split an individual coconut cream pie. We split it only because the macnut was so rich it took her a couple days to finish hers so we thought the coconut cream might be the same way. Next time she’s getting her own, I could have easily eaten that entire coconut cream pie by myself. It wasn’t super rich or sweet, the coconut cream was to die for! It has homemade whipped cream on top, then it’s topped with toasted coconut. It was raining pretty hard this particular night so my dad and I drove to Leoda’s to bring dinner back to the condo. My mom wanted a turkey pot pie which takes twenty minutes to bake so while we were waiting I got Leoda’s homemade lemonade. It was pretty good! Not too sweet, not too sour, I’d definitely get it again. For dinner, I got the side baked mac n cheese. It’s made with elbow pasta, sharp white cheddar, american and parmigiano reggiano cheeses topped with parmesan panko bread crumbs. If that description alone doesn’t tell you how good this mac n cheese was then see the picture below. I wish this came in a bigger size, although my waistline is probably grateful it doesn’t. Leoda also has a breakfast menu that I’m very curious about, I’ve seen pictures and surprise, surprise everything looks amazing. Maybe next trip I can persuade everyone to get up early so we can check it out.

Address: 820 Olowalu Village Rd. Lahaina, Hi

Hours: 7am-8pm

Price: $$

Aloha Mixed Plate

I was very disappointed when we were on Maui in October that Aloha was closed for renovation. This trip they were open and I could not wait to get my plate lunch! The renovation turned out fantastic. I love the new set up and logo. There are still hints of the old Aloha but I really love the new look. That being said, I could not wait to get my loco moco minus the egg (i’m weird, I know) For those of you who don’t know what a loco moco is, it’s two hamburger patties with caramelized onions covered in gravy with two sunny side up eggs on top, it comes with two scoops of white rice and a scoop of macaroni salad, making it a plate lunch! I dream about this and I’m not even joking. Ashley makes fun of me because I get so happy when I know we’re coming here but I don’t care, I have to get my fix! Aloha has other mixed plate options, as well as salads, sandwiches, poke and sashimi. I did get a Mai Tai as well but, that will be covered in another post. Since Ashley is a vegetarian there aren’t a ton of options for her here but she usually gets the Caesar salad and furikake garlic fries. The Furikake garlic fries are: shoestring fries tossed in a butter, garlic and a seaweed-sesame mix. I’m not a fan of seaweed but these fries are addicting! I feel bad, kinda, I feel like I usually eat most of Ashley’s fries, oops! When you come here, trust me and get the loco moco!

Address: 1285 Front St Lahaina,HI

Hours: 8am-10pm

Price: $$

That is Part 1! Have you been to any of the restaurants I mentioned? If you have what did you like about them? Let me know in the comments below!

Part 2 is coming next week, stay tuned!

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