Restaurants & Coffee on Kauai


Disclaimer: we went to Jack and the box twice for lunch and Costco once. Breakfast was spent in that horrible condo and we only ventured out to two of the restaurants I had on my list for dinner. That being said, one of the restaurants was pretty good the other was amazing and you should continue reading to find out all about them 😉

Holoholo Grill


Is located in the pool area of Kōloa Landing Resort. We went to an earlyish dinner as it was supposed to pour rain (and it did) later in the evening. There were a few people at the bar and I think one other couple there for dinner. Our waitress was friendly and answered any questions we had. My dad and sister got a Caesar Salad and my mom and I got the fish and chips plus Mai Tai’s all around. The fish and chips came with a spicy cole slaw plus three side “sauces”; ketchup, tartar sauce and thousand island. The fish used was Mahi Mahi, it was light, flaky and so good! It was in a beer batter that was good as well. The star though was that cole slaw, it was spicy and wasn’t overdressed, it was a nice addition to the meal. My Mai Tai was decent, it had a little too much orange juice for my liking but had a maraschino cherry so that redeemed it a bit lol.

Address: 2641 Poipu Rd. Poipu, HI



Is all about eating clean. They only use 100% grass-fed Kauai beef, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and pork, they use fresh, local produce, PLUS they have vegetarian and gluten-free options. We came here twice for dinner because it was THAT GOOD. They have two locations, one in Kapaa and the other in Lihue. We went to the one in Lihue, it’s tucked away in the corner of the Safeway Shopping center (Hokulei Village). Cody was our waitress both visits, she’s so sweet, super friendly and helpful, she recommended a few things and answered all of our questions. It happened to be Happy Hour the first time we went and Cody recommended the margarita to us and that’s what we all got. It was one of the best margaritas i’ve ever had! This trip for dinner I got two Makaweli Kauai beef tacos plus rice and beans, my mom got the “Naked” taco salad, my dad had the beef tostada and my sister got the veggie stacked enchilada. My tacos were so good! The meat was tender, shredded to perfection and just melted in my mouth. It easily rivals some of the best tacos in LA and that is saying a lot! My sister is a vegetarian and it’s not always easy for her to find things on menus so the vegetarian options at Verde was a nice change for her and she really enjoyed her enchiladas. Now, came time for dessert, we opted for the churro fries and they did not disappoint! They are a sopaipilla fry with cinnamon-sugar and come with a Kauai Honey-butter dip, need I say more? Trust me and just get them you will not be disappointed. The next time we came here everyone switched it up, I got the beef tostada and per Cody’s recommendation the hibiscus Mai Tai. The tostada was so good, a little too much lettuce for me but still really good. What really sets this tostada apart from others is their signature aioli. I don’t know what was in it but it was spicy and just made an already great tostada even better. The Hibiscus Mai Tai was AMAZING, I really enjoyed the tropical juices, hibiscus note and dark rum floater. Every month Verde highlights a local farmer,  the month of February happens to be Steelgrass Farm/Lydgate Farms and they are the largest chocolate farm on the island. That being said Cody told us that the churro fries would come with a chocolate dipping sauce made with chocolate from Steelgrass Farm/Lydgate Farm as well as the Honey-butter dip so of course we had to try it. The chocolate sauce was so good I wanted to eat it with a spoon! Bottom line, if you’re on Kauai go to Verde, look for Cody and enjoy an amazing meal!


Address: Lihue- 4454 Nuhou St., #501 Lihue, HI 96766

Little Fish Coffee


Has two locations: one in Hanapepe the other is in Poipu. We went to the Poipu location since it was across the street from where we were staying. They have coffee, smoothies, bagels, bagel sandwiches and acai bowls. I got an iced latte and an iced mocha. On the website it shows they have three sizes but the guy at the register told me they only had the 16oz so I got the 16oz. The iced mocha was okay, the espresso tasted a little bitter and I couldn’t really taste the mocha. The iced latte was better than the mocha but I still wasn’t impressed. I read really great reviews online and was really excited to try it but in the end I was kind of disappointed.

Address: 2290 Poipu Rd. Poipu, HI

Aloha Roastery


img_4208Is a speciality coffee shop that is owned by two brothers and has only been open for 8 months. I got up early the morning we were leaving Kauai for Maui to get to this coffee shop. The first time we went they were closed due to a power outage in Koloa. I ended up calling later in the morning to see if they were open because this was THE coffee shop I REALLY wanted to try. Luckily for me they were open so we went back. It’s the cutest little shop, they have two wood counters with four barstools each and you can see the roaster behind the window, they have a small retail coffee section on shelves on the wall and that’s it. I got a mocha and an iced coconut latte. The mocha was perfect! It was the best mocha i’ve had to date! The milk was perfectly aerated, the espresso was evenly balanced with the mocha, one didn’t overpower the other. It was just perfection! Oh and the paper cup was super cute and the latte art was on point. My iced coconut latte was just as amazing as the mocha. Sometimes syrups can overpower the drink, add way too much sugar or leave a funny taste in your mouth but the coconut was just the right amount, it wasn’t overly sweet there wasn’t a funny aftertaste, it was just pure perfection. I wish I had more time on the island just so I could try everything else they have to offer. If I lived here, Aloha Roastery would be my coffee shop of choice and I’m wishing they were on the mainland.



Address: 5356 Koloa Rd. Koloa, HI

What are your favorite places to eat? Favorite coffee shops on Kauai? Have you been to the places in this post? Let me know in the comments below!

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