Kauai, the Garden Isle, we spent three days on the island and it rained every single day we were there, no wonder majority of the island so lush and green.

Where we stayed:

We (this is a family trip so it’s my parents, myself and my sister) stayed at the Kiahuna Plantation Resort by Outrigger, which has condo units, it is located Poipu and we will NEVER stay there again. There are mixed reviews on trip advisor and yelp! Which should have been my first warning sign of what was to come. The whole experience was just bad, as my dad was checking in he was surprised with a $235 departure cleaning fee, which was NEVER mentioned when he made the reservation and the rude man behind the counter told my dad if he didn’t want to pay it we could cancel our reservation and find someplace else to stay, strike one.  Seeing as how guests have to pay the cleaning fee previously mentioned one would expect the condo to be spotless, it was not; the entire condo smelt old and musky, the unit (building 12 unit 64) was poorly lit and there were eleven light bulbs out, the dining chair cushions were stained, the second bathroom had a shower and separate bath tub, the shower was the size of a coffin the water pressure sucked and I could barely move once inside and there were ants dead and alive along the bottom and the bath tub had so many dead ants inside I couldn’t take it. The unit does not have a/c or heating and all of the windows are plantation style so they are just a screen and shutters that close when you turn the knob and did I mention the ants? Strike two!! Since this was only a short 3 night stay we sucked it up plus none of us wanted my dad to be out any money for cancelling the reservation mid-stay and going some place else. The last night there as everyone was getting ready for bed, we heard a loud chirping noise, it was the smoke detector, my dad reset it three times before having to call maintenance to come and just take the whole thing out, strike three!!! Trust me and don’t EVER stay here!


Even though our condo sucked and it poured rain most of our time here we were determined to get the things done that we wanted and have a good time. Luckily, the rain Gods were on our side Wednesday during the day and we were able to take our helicopter tour which went over Waimea Canyon and Nā Pali Coast, which I will talk about in depth in another post.

We also went to Kauai Coffee Company, which oddly enough I wasn’t incredibly impressed with. You can take a free guided tour through the farm or you can explore on your own, since I know a thing or two about coffee I was the tour guide for my family. It took about fifteen or twenty minutes to walk around the grounds and I explained the steps of harvesting, drying and roasting along the way. Unfortunately there were only dead dried up cherries on the trees but the trees were starting to get the white flowers on them, which I haven’t seen in person before. Once you are done exploring you can visit the gift-shop which is overpriced and on the patio they have a small museum, cafe and tables set up with labeled airpots for free sampling until your heart is content. I tried two different coffees and didn’t like either, I don’t know if it was just the way it was brewed or if it was sitting for a while but they weren’t my cup of tea, or coffee in this case. I bought my sister and I an iced mocha from the cafe and both of us weren’t impressed. The mocha tasted like Hershey syrup and I couldn’t taste any coffee.

My dad, sister and I did a rum tasting at Kōloa Rum Company, it was a great experience that I will talk about in depth in another post.

We did get to walk down to Poipu beach a couple times and got to see Hawaiian Monk Seals on the beach, they are an endangered species with only 1,100 left and are a protected species. You need to stay at least 100 feet away at all times, it is never ok to feed or touch these animals. On Poipu they have volunteers who work in shifts to look after them, once they are on the beach they put a rope fence around the animal to keep people away from them while they sleep.

The rest of our time was spent driving around the island and seeing as much as we could, a lot of it from the car as it was raining then would start pouring down. We did drive through Hanalei, Princeville and Kilauea. My parents and sister stopped to see the Kilauea lighthouse, I fell asleep half way through our drive and had no desire to get out of the car so I slept in the car while they roamed around, my sister showed me pictures later and it looked like a cool thing to see.

img_3772So there you have it! Kauai in 3 days in mostly rain. Have you been to Kauai? What was your favorite thing to do/see? Let me know in the comments below!

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