I’ve mentioned CityPASS in a couple different posts and thought I would take the opportunity to dedicate a post to explaining what exactly it is, because it’s really awesome.

First, lets talk destinations. CityPASS is available for the following: San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, SoCal, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, and Toronto.

Now that you know where it’s available, let me tell you exactly what it is. Basically CityPASS took the most popular attractions for each destination and put tickets to each in a handy booklet, but the best part is you SAVE UP TO 50% Most destination have 3 set tickets and the other 2 tickets give you an option of two attractions. For example, when Michelle and I went to Chicago our tickets were as follows:

1) Shedd Aquarium-Priority Entry

2)Skydeck Chicago-Fast Pass

3)The Field Museum-VIP Entry

4)Museum of Science and Industry OR 360 CHICAGO-Express Entry

5)Adler Planetarium-VIP Entry OR Art Institute of Chicago-Fast Pass

Normally if you purchased those tickets at each individual attraction you would pay $215.90 for adult tickets but with CityPASS you pay $99.75!! Saving you 54% It’s also important to note, some destinations only have 4 tickets and SoCal only has 3 but for good reason it includes a 3 day Disneyland and California Adventure park hopper ticket.

Next, let’s talk about your options. For all destinations you can order a booklet and have it shipped to your house, some destinations you can get a card, mobile voucher or e-ticket. You can also buy a booklet when you go to any of the attractions that are offered in the booklet.

You have your CityPASS and are wondering how long it’s valid. CityPASS is valid for nine consecutive days including the first day of use. There is an exception to this with the SoCal CityPASS cards and e-tickets, which are valid for fourteen consecutive days including the day of first use, which is better for you since the attractions aren’t close together. The booklet, card or e-ticket have expiration dates on the back or on the inside cover of the booklet. I know from experience the booklets don’t expire for at least a year from date of purchase as long as you don’t redeem any of the tickets.

So there you have it! All the important info you need on the CityPASS. What do you think? Will you get one next time you travel? Have you used CityPASS before? Let me know in the comments below.

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