Maui: Days Three-Seven

Saturday, is Maui Swap Meet day! It’s held every Saturday at the college in Kahului. It’s a whopping 50 cents per person to get in and we always find the coolest stuff there. This year I restrained myself and only bought a dress but trust me, I could have purchased a lot more.

After the swap meet we headed to ‘Iao Valley State Park only to find they closed for the second phase of the slope stabilization due to the severe flooding they had September 2016. The earliest we heard they were reopening was December 2017, January or February 2018 at the latest. For those of you who don’t know what ‘Iao Valley is, ʻIao Valley Monument is the site of the battle of Kepaniwai where Kamehameha I defeated the Maui army in 1790. This site has a lot of cultural and spiritual values, there’s also a small trail and botanical garden to enjoy.

Sunday, Monday and Wednesday were beach days so we hung out at the condo and walked down to Ka’anapali beach for the day.

Tuesday (Halloween) we took a scenic drive through Paia and Haiku to find the famous surfboard fence. We took the LONG way around through Haiku only to find it’s right off the Hana Hwy! If you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it as it’s in a residential area, once you find it, it’s so cool to see. This surfboard fence is in the Guinness Book of Records and has over 600 surfboards!

Front street in Lahaina is another must do for us and we came here at least three times this trip. Front street is known for their great restaurants and shopping. You can find just about anything here. Our favorite restaurant is Lahaina Pizza Co but more on that in another post.

So there you have it! A very short seven day trip to Maui. Have you been to Maui? Is there any restaurants or sights i need to see/try? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Love that swap meet, can’t wait to go back! We will have to check that fence out the next time we are in Haiku as well, sounds very interesting.
    We usually spend most of our time in Kihei, and if you are there you should check out Coconut’s Fish Cafe, and then head further south past Wailea to Big Beach and La Perouse Bay. Lots of beautiful scenery down there.


  2. I do love a swap meet or as they call it here in Ireland a car boot sale the best things can be picked up so cheap. So tell me have you tried poke in Hawaii I am curious as to what makes it so great? #flyawayfriday.


    • lol I’m really not sure what makes Poke so great. I haven’t tried it, there’s something about a raw fish salad that isn’t appealing to me. I am however going to start calling swap meets a car boot sale, that makes it sound more fun!


  3. You have whet my appetite for Maui! We are heading there in April and I just cannot wait to see this beautiful State. Your swap meet sounded interesting! Something to consider. Hope to see you at Fly Away Friday next friday!


  4. Maui is my FAVORITE! My now-husband proposed in Maui so it’s definitely a special place for me! We’re planning on going back for our anniversary in October/November! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday; hope to see you again this weekend! xo

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