Portland: Coffee

portland barsitaWhen I do research for destinations I’m considering I usually check for: places to do a wine tasting, tattoo shops, and coffee shops. When I was researching Portland I kept finding coffee shop after coffee shop, I knew I had to go!

I know Alex and I went to at least 3 or 4 coffee shops a day! Unfortunately for me I didn’t snap a picture of every drink I got. I know I’m forgetting some of the amazing shops we visited. The plus side to this is I did take a picture of my favorite drinks, let’s get right to it!

Portland is FULL of amazing coffee! Find out which coffee shops I loved the most.
Barista: 539 NW 13th Ave
Barista was probably my favorite shop. This location is in the Pearl District, it’s on the smaller side but there’s an outdoor seating area or if it’s raining, like it was when we were there, there is also a hallway with tables and chairs for you to relax, enjoy your coffee and watch the rain. You can tell the baristas know what they are doing and that the beans they use are high quality. I wish we found this place earlier in the trip.
Case Study Coffee: 802 SW 10th Ave

This little gem we found walking to the Art Museum. Here I got an iced coffee, it was well balanced and smooth. The shop itself was fairly busy when we walked in but the line moved quickly and the baristas were friendly, knowledgeable and helped me decide on getting the iced coffee. Since we had someplace to be we didn’t stay long but overall case study was a nice little find.
Portland is FULL of amazing coffee! Find out which coffee shops I loved the most.Heart: 537 SW 12th Ave.
We stopped at Heart on a whim walking from Tasty N Alder to blue star donuts (don’t judge) The shop is kind of small, but clean. The menu is simple but the baristas know their stuff. It gets crowded fast and there isn’t much of a seating area but the mocha I got was worth it. It tasted like it was made with dark chocolate, it was bitter but smooth. The latte art was on point and the milk was perfectly steamed. This is another shop I wish we found earlier.
portland case studyPublic Domain Coffee 603 SW Broadway

Public Domain was conveniently located down the street from our hotel. It has a nice simple menu, my iced mocha was well made and they had a good pastry selection. The baristas were friendly and the line moved quickly. We didn’t stay long but it looked like there was a decent amount of seating.

Stumptown: 1026 SW Stark St

Stumptown is all over Portland but this particular one is located at the Ace Hotel. There isn’t much seating in the shop itself but if you go through the doorway it leads you into a nice little seating area in the hotel. I got an iced mocha, it was well made. The baristas were friendly. Overall this location is good for a quick grab and go.

There you have it! My favorite coffee shops in Portland.  Which shops have you been to and what were your favorite?

PORTLAND COFFEE--Portland is FULL of amazing coffee! Find out which coffee shops I loved the most.

  1. A girl after my own heart! I’m totally a coffee snob since I lived in Seattle. When I moved to Portland, I didn’t think their coffee scene was that great but it’s gotten much better! Plus I’m all proud of Stumptown since they originated in Portland and they’re in LA now ❤ Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week! xo


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